Nearby Atractions

The surrounding area offers numerous attractions for the yearning adventurers such as whale watching in Mirissa, Blow hole (Hummanaya), the ancient Mulkirigala Rock Temple and the Rekawa Turtle conservation project to name a few.


Whale Watching

Whale watching, without getting your feet wet. Just off the coast of Sri Lanka, swims the majestic blue whale, the largest creature on earth. Nowhere in the world is it possible to see these ocean giants so close to shore, than in Sri Lanka.

Whale watching has always been a very exciting activity that most locals and tourists enjoy. The thrill and Adrenaline rush that you get when you witness these beautiful and mammoth sea creatures is always astounding. You can enjoy these expeditions mainly during the morning and afternoon, while the morning trip is considered the best to try it out.


Turtle Hatchery

Of the seven species of marine turtles that inhabit this world all of which are endangered, a record five can be seen at Rekawa Turtle Sanctuary, making it not only one of the best locations to see marine turtles in Sri Lanka but also in the world. Rekawa (25km west of Ranna 212 on the South coast of Sri Lanka) is a treasured location for all wildlife enthusiasts as it is home to turtles that come to lay eggs.

Visitors are allowed to watch this moving ritual inscribed for millions of years in the genetic heritage of sea turtles. Turtles lay their eggs (where they also hatch) at night between 19.00 and 03.00. This is the best time to go, as an average of 17 turtles a day show up to lay their eggs.


Blow hole (Hummanaya)

There is a rock with a long but narrow fracture in the middle. As rough sea waves gush through the crack and pass out through the hole at the bottom of the rock, the water blows out at tremendous velocity sending a fountain of water into the sky. The sound of the seawater blasting through can be heard in the surrounding areas.

Occasionally the blowhole shoots water several feet above the rock. If sea is rough with strong winds and waves gush fast, the height of the water blow-up goes up 25 meters (82.0 ft) to 30 meters (98.4 ft). A visitor’s information center on marine life and a viewing platform is present at the site.


Mulkirigala Rock Temple

The rock of Mulkirigala rises about 676 feet from the surrounding land mass. There are seven cave temples situated in five Terraced areas of different altitudes. They are the Lower Terrace (Patha Maluwa), Bo tree Terrace (Bodhi Maluwa). Great King’s Temple Terrace (Raja Maha Vihara Maluwa). Upper Bo tree Terrace (Uda Bodhi Maluwa) and Chetiya Terrace (Chaitiya maluwa). These terraces can be accessed comfortably through we paved granite paths and steps going right up to the Daboga Terrace.

Situated in Giruwa Pattu of Hambanthota district of Southern Sri Lanka. Mulkirigala also called as Mulgirigala but the former is more prominently used at present. Mulkirigala temple is also considered to be one of the 64 temples constructed by King Kawantissa and was called as “Muhudu Giri” then which dates back to the 3rd Century BC.

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